Client Trust Accounting Services

Review and Cleanup

Client trust accounting is tricky, and many small law firms are out of compliance with their State Bar’s accounting requirements without even knowing it. 
We can review, advise and, if necessary, cleanup and professionally manage your client trust account.

Staff Training

Training your firm’s staff on trust accounting is one of our favorite activities.

We don’t speak to you in accounting, we’ll speak English!

We often find that small law practices already have the right personnel to handle
the trust accounting in-house.
That is, they have a staff member who is intelligent, trustworthy, and is familiar
with the firm’s client matters.

The Downside is that what this person lacks, is the professional accounting
background and in-depth knowledge to properly handle the trust accounting.
What Renee’s Bookkeeping will do for your firm is, we will create and document
easy-to-follow trust accounting procedures, we will happily train your staff, and leave behind our detailed instructions.

This way your staff will efficiently and properly learn how to handle your retainer
deposits, how to pay involved third parties from the trust account,
and likewise, pay the firm for its legal fees.

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Get the Professional Help you Need

Your Books will no longer be a part of your office that you try to avoid.

In Fact, they will give you a Sense of Pride.

Attorney Services

Month-End Bookkeeping

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This service is ideal for law firms that handle their own banking in-house
(invoicing clients and receiving payments, bank deposits, paying bills, submitting
payroll, etc.), but don’t have the time or the training to do the accounting themselves.

On a monthly basis, Renee’s Bookkeeping using the top level software for this
process will turn your banking activity into organized, understandable financial reports
and ensure that your trust account activity is being
properly tracked.
By investing in our monthly Bookkeeping Services, you will be confident that your
trust account is State Bar compliant at all times.

This one service frees up your entire attorney and staff roster to focus on what you
are best at practicing law. 
Each and every month, you will receive the most accurate and meaningful financial
reports for your firm to review.
As if this wasn’t enough the value added bonus is that, your books will finally be
ready for your CPA in January—no more tax filing extensions!

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