Quickbooks Training

3 Hour minimum @167.00 per hour.
Onsite Training provided within a 45-mile radius of Wayne, NJ.  
This training is very specific to your Company and Industry.
Virtual Training is available Nationwide.


There are various ways we can help:

1. Install the QuickBooks Desktop program or set you up for QuickBooks Online.

2. Bring current QuickBooks Desktop clients to QuickBooks Online

3. Set up appropriate expense accounts for your type of business.

4. Set up automatic downloads from your Bank or Credit Card.

           (This Feature is Not Available From All Institutions)

5. Training in all areas of QuickBooks.

6. Follow up and review your progress.

7. Phone support is billed at an hourly rate.

Stop putting this off! Get your training started today.

(Your Business will thank you!)

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