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Some businesses require special attention
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Accurate financials matter

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In addition to general bookkeeping, we specialize in 3 distinct business verticals, staying on top of critical bookkeeping requirements. 



Lawyers and firms have specialized financial needs requiring meticulous tracking, reporting, and compliance. Bookkeeping services for lawyers are tailored to meet these specific needs, ensuring that financial data is handled accurately and by legal industry regulations.

Medical Practices

Our financial bookkeeping for medical practices is timely and accurate. We step in to provide monthly financials on the health of the business. Leaving the monthly paperwork to us and concentrate on growing your business.


Contractors & Tradesmen

The construction industry has its own set of unique challenges regarding bookkeeping, including managing complex projects, handling a variety of compliance issues, and keeping track of numerous costs, from labor to materials.

Why Choose Us

your books MATTER

Every business has different service requirements.  We will design a program around your specific needs, delivering accurate reports on time, and are available to review them when you are.

Always On Time

Renee’s Bookkeeping Service provides you with timely, easy to read financial statements, helping you focus on business improvements to increase your profitability.

And your Peace of Mind.

Tailored Services

We will organize your financials daily, weekly, quarterly whatever makes sense for your business. We design an approach that meets your needs. We work remotely. Whatever your needs, we will apply our expertise to your specific situation

Easy Availability

Renee’s Bookkeeping offers secure virtual bookkeeping services for  Small-Mid Sized businesses.



What Our Clients Say?

I started using Renee’s Bookkeeping in 2020. Ever since Renee took over my bookkeeping she has kept all my books up to date and my accountant now can get all my financials in a timely manner. The transition was very smooth. Renee is very professional and has always taken my calls with any question I may have. We set up intuit online and now I can check my financials in real time.

Renees bookkeeping has been a tremendous asset to my practice.

I highly recommend her.

Zeev Stegman, MD

We had the same bookkeeper for thirty years and finding a replacement was not easy

I trust Renee and her team to get the job done professionally .

There has never been any task or issue they couldn’t resolve. I would highly recommend Renee’s Bookkeeping to any business.

Albert Alfano

Alfano Furniture, Paterson NJ 

I’ve worked with Renee’s Bookkeeping for the last 10 years, maybe more. The one thing I don’t have to worry about as a Small Business Owners are my books. Renee and her team have done a great job for us and helped us to grow as we’ve grown.

Chris Lipper

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